I'm Julien Noyer
I'm a French Motion Designer

On that blog you can see some of my work and experimentation

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Don't hesitate to give me feedback
Enjoy and comment ;)


This is the final result of the video projection for the kernel festival


This one a DVD interface that I originally made for the presentation of my work


I get a bank of sound so, I tried for the first time sound design ;) I pretty like this music, it comes from the french hip hop singer Booba


I made this video for my current job, this is suppose to be a part of a more complex composition about editing video and FX
This one is a 3Ds max test. It could be an animation too. I'm gonna try to find the time


The final animation that I made in reference to the last story board. This is still about helvetica type-font (I know,  I'm not the only helvetica lover ;) )


Some research sketch, before finding the good shapes for this typography
I guess my favorite letter, in this case, is the "G" :P
I remixed the font, I change some letter like the "e" I tried to make it more precise


That was actually a 3Ds school work, It was suppose to be only pictures, but I made 2 sequences that I edit. I didn't modelise those scene in only 12 hours. Of course ;)


Another short animation. I'm suppose to publish this one tomorow... but I don't wanna be late

06022011 Let's get motivated from Lets-Get-Motivated on Vimeo.

That's what I did this sunday... I lil motion design video
(Actually I didn't make the last 3Ds work in only one day)

I made this room in 3ds Max. I tried to give an atmosphere between Hip Hop and Design.


I Just tried to make a  LP record cover.
This is about a French Hip Hop Singer.


This is my first publication in this blog.
I created this typography. The constrain was "only 2 shapes"